Monday, February 27, 2017

News Overload: To News or Not to News

We made it through the week lovelies and I’ve never felt so strongly about disconnecting from the news! I used to get my daily round up of news from certain apps and one news station that seems to be struggling for their lives. Oh OK I know I can be a little dramatic…but even Facebook has people dropping off from looking at their own news feeds.

One of my friends who’s living in Singapore keeps saying I am turning off FB for awhile. I used to love going to Facebook to see what you are all eating for dinner or how your kids are doing. And I agree it’s very important to have somewhere to vent, but venting through our status updates...are we being heard?

So, you must be asking yourself what are my political views? Let’s just say... I’m all about treating others equal, fairly, with respect and life is hard enough so how could I tell someone else what to do? (Does this make me a liberal? This actually makes me born in Canada:)

Last year was a difficult campaign year, but is my only option to tune out of the news and then tune back in when I can stop myself from throwing the remote at the TV? When did we become a State where we keep looking at each other to make sense of the headlines. 

What can I do about it? I'm deciding to wake up every morning and continue to see the world with positivity and light. And also, to teach our young Bella the same. There is so much to be thankful for in this world and I want to help my family, friends and community with those feelings. I can end each night by highlighting my gratitude and recall the wonderful things that happened to us.

Repeat after me "Don't give up. It is normally the last key on the ring which opens the door." and "Don't get stressed. What is really important always finds a way of revealing itself." Paulo Coelho

Let’s continue to learn and to grow. It won’t always feel like this, just takes a little time as we adjust to the new normal. We just might need to keep our seat belts fastened as this could be a bumpy ride. How can you wake up and appreciate your days? Do you remember to stop and see the beauty?
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Photography: Beauty Captured

  I was running late to meet friends and hubby for dinner when I HAD to stop and take this picture. Be still my beating heart...this stunning/couture gown shop is in the middle of a quiet neighborhood in San Francisco. All of the gowns are silk & lace and created in this workroom.  Imagine hearing the ringing of the cable car as my breath was being taken away. 

Atelier Des Modistes
San Francisco, Ca
Even though their shop was closed it was inviting me in. San Francisco offers the passerby the chance to stop and take in the beauty or continue walking with our heads down. And the chaos of where to park without getting a ticket, smelling Swenson's ice cream shop and finding Stones Throw, it was up to me to stop and take in the Bella light. Have you ever had a moment like this lovely?
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Tales About Motherhood

It’s been almost 5 years since she came into my life, rocked my world, turned everything upside down, changed who I am, taught me about love, patience and perseverance. No one can explain what Mommy super human strength is and worrying about someone else every day and then people will say “oh has it been 5 years already?”

To me it feels like 5 years. Motherhood is an uphill battle, a marathon not a race, constant learning & growing from both of us and a lesson about letting go. When they are really little it can be tougher, but once you are through babyhood and then mommy fog brain you realize you are raising someone who gives back, has opinions, loves you a lot and only wants you when she’s sick.

Even though we have a difficult job, Mommy’s can be tough on each other. We all need support to raise little people and to be able to say I had a rough day. Remember tomorrow will always be better….better is not perfect. And you never know what that Mommy had to go through to get out the door or what smells are in her car or the tantrum that happened 5 minutes before you saw her.

So why are we striving for perfection? I don’t want her to have a perfect mother. I hope she knows she has a mother that gets up every day to help shape her. To show her how amazing this world is and to appreciate everything she has. A beautiful childhood, but also a real childhood so when she is faced with realness in her life she can be more prepared and less shocked.

Motherhood to me equals patience and imagining each day as a building block. And remembering that the memories my little one might have of these years is hopefully laughter and love. And if everything else fails we can still dance and sing in our pajamas while cooking.

Tell me did your vision of parenthood change after you held them? Why are Mamma’s so tough on each other?
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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Well Hello Again!

Welcome lovelies to Bella Lights.

Who is the Bella Lights reader? You are the kind of person who sees the light in every day, appreciates the journey and can't wait to get up tomorrow to experience more.

And who am I? I try to see the sun through the rain, dance in supermarkets, have conversations and think of posts, love photography, have learned to appreciate a recipe that makes you feel proud of the creation, love to travel the world and see the colors of the place and all it wants to teach me, I would like to feel settled, but something always pushes me on, I adore children their creativity/laughter and all they teach us, gratitude is a huge part of my daily life and I wouldn't be anywhere without striving to learn more and more.

I've been missing for the past four years from writing to raise our Bella Daughter, but I've thought about you often. I loved creating my Under the Sheets-shhh blog especially loved writing our love story, cable car confessions, meeting other bloggers and being apart of the community.

Why do we say we can't do it anymore and we don''t have the time when it fills our souls? Are you ready to come with on my new journey...let's go.
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