Friday, July 7, 2017

Feeling Zen During Moving Times

Transition is hard on everyone! Change can be scary because you can’t see the other side. So I lean on faith to believe it will all be OK and it’s all happening for a reason. I love when I can actually visualize two forks in the road. Two starts to two different chapters. This has happened many times in my life. But it’s how you handle it, how you grow from it, how you push to see the light, jump through the hoop and not look back that changes you.

Moving can be very tough. Everything you’ve touched is turned upside down. I’ve moved so many times that the longest address I’ve ever had was 5 years in San Francisco. 5 years… can you imagine? I know many people who have moved twice in their life or their children live in the same house they once lived in.

What are the benefits of moving so many times…there are some I promise! I know how to build a home, I can put pictures up fast, how to learn from each move and appreciate where I settle. We loved our community in Marin, California. And then the call came about 9 months ago to get International work experience.

At first the talks were about Australia…this threw me on a loop of wow we can do this, what an incredible adventure, but so far away from everything we know. Since we had recently traveled to Singapore and Thailand, with our then 3-year-old, to visit our expat NorCal friends, we had an idea of what their experience had been like and they even learned to speak Thai.
Just as I was wrapping my brain around that move the words Canada and Toronto and Montreal came up. No way I thought! And of course, this job opportunity was back in my hometown.

And so, we all jumped…

We moved outside of Toronto a week ago and we’ve been working hard for about a month to make it happen. It still feels like a new country move, but also familiar as I was born here, but have been gone for so long. It keeps hitting me that I’ve missed the Canadian way, as they are friendly, wonderful, courteous, smart, people, and how my friends and family keep welcoming me home. And yet, I look over at my husband and daughter and I feel like things are new.

What an incredible opportunity for all of us. Saying goodbye to California was difficult and I questioned it many times, but then we jumped with both feet. Tell me Bella how are you at making big changes? Do you have any advice?
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Deanna said...

Moving is hard work.....number 20 i think and going thru a move as i type. Every move is different and an adjustment each time even if it's just across the street. Depending on how much a warning there is will determine a great deal on how to handle the details. All the best to you,

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