Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wishful Wednesday: Calm and Positive

On Wishful Wednesday, I wish to stay calm and positive. I also wish this for you my blogging friends. So much seems to be swirling around me right now due to my loved ones health and jobs. It helps during my gratitude walks, to remind myself that there's so much to be grateful for. I love the above picture for her serene and peaceful look.
This room would make me smile, after I returned from a long day because of the open feeling. What's the favorite room in your house?
Assisting me in staying calm, I would sit on the edge of this pier and breath deeply while watching the sky and water.
I should frame this and keep it in my house. Ah yes Bella, the lovely bubbly would help me too!
The Palace of Fine Arts is THE place in the city that calms me down. When I visit, I feel like I've escaped to Europe because of its columns, architecture and ponds. If you get the chance to visit, remember to bring bread to feed the swans!
No need for words. I could stare at this picture for hours and it would remind me of love and positivity...

This picture was taken at the Japanese TeaGarden in Golden Gate Park. Can you feel your stress melting away? On foot this garden can be hard to find, but trust me so worth it.

I could sit down and stuff my face with these precious desserts for calm. What do you wish for on this Wishful Wednesday?
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