Monday, May 8, 2017

A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear past me…you can do this, love me. I have been writing in journals since I was 10. Writing always made me feel calmer, was a way to release my feelings and once it was down on paper I could let it go and close the book. There was something special about picking the perfect journal pen, finding the journal that spoke to me and completing the pages. And now I’d like to write a letter to my younger self.

Have you ever thought about what you would say or how tight you would hug yourself or try to show pictures of how your life would turn out? And then I remember, I might not have listened…even to me.

In my twenties, I wanted to figure it out by listening to my own heart and picking the right road. Bella, did you ever just jump in? I was cautious, caring and tried to lean on others for their experiences. Probably because I lost my mother at a young age. Which made me grow up really quickly AND have to find a different circle to bounce ideas off of. Because your Mother, no matter the relationship, is your person that guides you.

I was always looking to fill that huge hole left. Sometimes I got it right and other times wrong.

Which is why the advice I would give to my younger self is... Trust Yourself. Trust that the ups and the downs are a part of learning & growing. That not everyone you meet will become family and stay in your life, BUT you can learn from them and give back.

If you decide to leap off the cliff (I did by moving to San Francisco without knowing anyone at all) it will eventually be OK. Not without blood, sweat and tears, but without that it can’t pay off in a glorious way that you never saw coming. And that’s the point…you can never see the end of the tunnel because you aren’t in control of it.

Follow your heart as one day a little one will be following your every move.

Positive thinking, love and hard work is the only way to move through that tunnel. So, younger self take a deep breath, it will all be OK and different then the worries that are keeping up at night. Listen to your inner voice, surround yourself with amazing people and smile Bella. And one more thing... Ahi Poke is amazing, addictive and can be found in so many countries!
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