Friday, May 12, 2017

Retro Picnic Foodie Dreams

Fancy, schmancy with retro picnic foodie dreams is always the way to go. Can you feel the smile stretch across your face Bella? Being able to stop, get family and friends together to eat finger foods in the park makes me look forward to vacation. So come along with me on our retro picnic foodie dreams and don't forget to bring the music... 
We start off with changing our picnic to a pale colors and fabrics, I mean who said we always have to have red checkered cloths in the park?
The next decision is one of the most important to make...who to invite and lay around on the picnic blanket with? And what if I need help fanning my hair out like this? Who to ask...hmmm who to ask?
In my fantasy picnic invite one of course would go to the incredible Audrey Hepburn. I mean look... she's already dressed for our fashion picnic.
Please bring some S'mores and the blog The Cake Blog has this simple Sweets I Heart:S'mores recipe.

For a more vintage look maybe I can make a quick costume change into this vintage apron. To add some color I can add some red flats or turquoise necklace.

Oh our retro picnic was so much fun today. Did I forget to mention that all picnic men will need to wear a non-baseball hat? A girl can dream can't she? So I'm off to grab some aprons, a picnic basket, a black & white picture of Audrey Hepburn and to make a pitcher of lemonade. What will you bring Bella?
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