Thursday, February 9, 2017

Well Hello Again!

Welcome lovelies to Bella Lights.

Who is the Bella Lights reader? You are the kind of person who sees the light in every day, appreciates the journey and can't wait to get up tomorrow to experience more.

And who am I? I try to see the sun through the rain, dance in supermarkets, have conversations and think of posts, love photography, have learned to appreciate a recipe that makes you feel proud of the creation, love to travel the world and see the colors of the place and all it wants to teach me, I would like to feel settled, but something always pushes me on, I adore children their creativity/laughter and all they teach us, gratitude is a huge part of my daily life and I wouldn't be anywhere without striving to learn more and more.

I've been missing for the past four years from writing to raise our Bella Daughter, but I've thought about you often. I loved creating my Under the Sheets-shhh blog especially loved writing our love story, cable car confessions, meeting other bloggers and being apart of the community.

Why do we say we can't do it anymore and we don''t have the time when it fills our souls? Are you ready to come with on my new journey...let's go.
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