Friday, April 28, 2017

Inspirational Weekend Quote

Today's inspirational weekend quote speaks volumes to me. I love this quote...don't you Bella? How many times have you thought you were in control only to find that things unfold the way they were meant to? And, you might have helped open the door slightly, but it was really out of your hands.

Accepting that the right door will open easily, waiting for that day to come and learning to be patient... can change everything.

Do you believe that someone else is in control and driving your car? Have you banged your head trying to open a door that wasn't meant for you? Well, I try to look at the problem like a puzzle. If all the pieces fit easily, then that puzzle was meant for me.

Many times in my life, I have been presented with two roads to choose from. I promise myself after reflection, righting down pros & cons, talking to my trusted circle that no matter which road I choose never to wonder about the other. (OK sometimes I can't help myself).

Then trusting in your heart, letting go and believing in yourself will help you in whatever doors do open. The problem you are facing was sent to you for a reason. You can either learn from it or stand in front of a closed door. Whatever will be will be Bella! What do you think of this quote?
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