Monday, April 17, 2017

Tales About Motherhood: Guiding Young Bella

On this week of Tales of Motherhood, our little Bella seemed to grow deeper and deeper in her emotions. How do I know? Well, at the age of 4.11 she told me she would miss me one day when she grew up, had a baby and would live away. When I dived deeper with her on this, she opened up
about how she would describe me to her little one. I honestly couldn’t wait to hear and it was sweeter then I could imagine.

Bella said, "She would tell her child about how I had brownish- reddish hair, light blue eyes and how I was always dancing and smiling."

There are two parts to how I feel about this: First, I cannot believe Bella sees me in this way and she feels that deep connection at her young age. Second, she is already missing me even though I’m standing right in front of her. I told her I would be there when she had a baby (if she wanted) to help and I would be her babe’s should have seen the smile on her face.

This seemed to please her, but I was touched by the depth of our conversation. This reminded me of my role as her Mamma Bella which is to watch over & guide her to become the person she is meant to be. To stand out of the way as she isn’t all mine AND to remember how important I am to her.

As we are both communicators, I get to watch as she tries to put into words her love and feelings. I am so blessed to be given this gift & to be able to recognize and cherish it.

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So how would I describe Bella…so far? She is a connector. Whether its another child who keeps to themselves or an extrovert singing away, she connects to them and brings them together. She can go to a retirement home and connect or go to a nonprofit agency and question some, but treat everyone the same. And this means so much, no matter someone's culture or age or situation she will try to connect with love and positivity.

As I write this, imagine my almost 5-year-old running past me wearing her grown up 'kid heels'. Ahhhh! I find myself remembering that this was the dream I always had…it’s just more intense & busy because our bond is from love and hard work. I loved this Tales of Motherhood because it captured our conversation. Tell me Bella, do you remember how you thought about your Mother? What advice would you give to a new Mamma?
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Couture Carrie said...

So sweet! You are a lucky mom - and a great one, too!


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