Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Retro Writing and Blogging 101

I love finding ideas in my every day to blog about. I am also in love with photography. And, once I discovered the term retro blogging, I was hooked. Retro blogging is exactly how I feel. I can tell a story through my words or guide readers through pictures. But what do I do if I hit writer's block or blog burnout? Let's enter my Retro Writing and blogging 101 class...
What works best for me? First, I like to use a blank word document and write any ideas that come to mind. I try to remove all judgment and criticism. If I like an idea then I start to create or search for pictures.
Next to prove my thoughts, I might jot down a couple of lines and then walk away from the computer and let the ideas sink in and form.
And sure sometimes, I really should be wearing this T-shirt while listening to friends and family tell stories. Once in a while I hear myself saying out loud, "Now that would make a great post."

Between you and me, I miss the color and feel of pens for when I used to write my short stories. Now it’s the clicking of the keyboard that tells me I'm home, feeling creative and ready to blog.

Coffee shops are amazing for my creativity, especially if I have some music to rock out to. The coffee shop is not my work or home and the smell of coffee let's me know it’s time to create.
I get asked by friends, family and followers how do I come up with so many topics. My response is, "How can't I?" I have so many thoughts, ideas and experiences bubbling inside. To write it all out is a gift.

I love this blog advice, to become a success you need to live, eat and breath your blog...and I do. It has become a joy to work on and other times I just stare blankly at the screen. So the next time I start to feel writer's block, I will remember to go the coffee shop and think retro blogging 101. What tips do you use when you feel writer’s block?
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Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post, darling! Love your passion!


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