Wednesday, March 1, 2017

5 Must Have Beauty Products

100% Bella Argan Oil
This is my slept all night beauty secret (even though I didn’t) glow must have. I believe the more natural a product is the more benefits you’ll soak in. All I use is 1-2 drops of 100% Argan oil after I wash my face and sleep peacefully with the sweetest dreams…wake up with a glow. My trick is to use the oil 2 nights on and 1 night off and not more then 2 drops for all over my face and neck (or you might slip off of your pillow). This oil is also great for your hands and hair, but I love it as a night moisturizer.
Other makers of argan oil are Acure, Josie Maran and now Trader Joe’s sells it.

Eau Thermale Avène Care for Sensitive Lips
Gloss vs. balm oh if only our daily problems were as easy to decide. I am in love with the Avène skincare line which I discovered when we were traveling in Singapore. This is a lip balm that you can wear during the day alone or with a lip pencil for some color. You can find it at natural pharmacies and also on Amazon.

Stila convertible color (peony or petunia)
I’ve only worn this as blush on my cheeks, but I have worn it for years. It’s my go to blush that always stays on throughout the day. This stila convertible blush blends really well on my cheeks, takes no time at all and lasts for a long time. Whenever I try another (sorry stila I have cheated on you) I always go back.

Matrix Oil Wonders
Changed my life…changed my hair…Ok makes my coarse thick hair shiny and smooth. This trick was done to me in the hair salon and I’ve never looked back. Add some of this strong smelling oil wonders right before you condition and then wash it out. Or add it after your shower before you blow dry and voila it’s like I’ve had an expensive hair treatment. And I won’t have to shave my head after all.

Fresh Rose Face mask

The Rose is for sure my favorite flower, I appreciate so many others, but hands down pale pink or lovely yellow roses always make me smile. This Fresh Rose facemask is lovely, smells so pretty and hydrates/tones. The rose is known for naturally soothing the skin. Plus they’ve added green tea, cucumber and aloe vera. I couldn’t ask for more unless it could do a load of laundry? Sephora and on Amazon.

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