Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Name: Bella Lights

Over the last year, my young one has started to bring “imaginary” friends along with us. Their names are Twigs, Romie, Omie and Bella. They come everywhere with us, but on the days the young one goes to school, she makes Twigs stay home with me. Boy, I have had to make a lot of imaginary matzah ball chicken soup! All of her “friends” get into mischief except sweet Bella. Bella listens to her parents, goes to school and sleeps through the night. Don’t tell anyone, but Bella is my favorite.
Also, the name “Bella” makes me smile because Honey and I go to a brunch place that has the most amazing eggs benedict, acai bowls and mimosas, and the owner greets me on Sunday mornings by saying, “Buongiorno Bella.”

So, we have Bella…

Now for lights…I love white lights on patios, in backyards, sprinkled in trees and throughout Main Street in small towns. They bring a magic to the dusk and evening. My favorite weddings are outside; the trees covered in white lights and flowers. I tried to continue this feeling at home by hanging white lights over our kitchen sink. Did this help everyone clean the dishes more? Sadly, it did not.
So, Bella Lights was born. And why do I blog and guest post… simply put, I love creating a space where I can pour my heart, feed my soul, discover different ways to write, and connect with points of view… I blog to share my own life knowledge which includes living and visiting different countries, marrying into another culture, being a social worker in L.A. and then changing careers to marketing/ advertising, moving to San Francisco by myself, being in the blogging community early on and writing for the other sites.

What’s makes me who I am? I try to appreciate every day, have a positive outlook, connect within and give back. I can give to those around me and feed my soul with Bella Lights, but at the same time going outside of the box and discovering. Imagine Twigs, Romie, Omie and Bella along for the ride. How do you feed your soul lovely?
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Couture Carrie said...

Love this story and your blog name ~ so sweet!


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