Friday, March 10, 2017

Is Canada the New American Dream?

I am often asked what it was like growing up and being from Canada? Most of my American friends are curious about how friendly Canadians are, want to know if the school system is the same (yes) and how paying higher taxes are put towards everyone’s health care? But my favorite question has to be… did I know Drake?

Believe it or not… yes he did live near, but sadly my singing career hasn’t taken off in the same way.
You can usually tell the difference between our countries by the Canadian smiling and apologizing and knowing about ketchup chips & smarties. The sarcastic humor, proud to learn French & ice skating to school.

But how does Canada view America now? Canada, our cold friend, seems to be happy to put their arms around our shoulders, but not fully committing to being our parent.

As we changed Presidents a lot of American citizens crashed the Canadian Immigration website, but maybe Canada is on to something with a happier, but much much colder way of life. All I know is the second I get onto an Air Canada plane the apologizing and kindess comes flying down the aisle.

Has Canada taken over the American Dream? Last weekend I saw this segment on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and overall Canada does sound like they are doing pretty well. Higher percentage of college degrees, higher rate of life expectancy and the sixth happiest place in the world.

Have you ever asked yourself what would our society be like without citizens going bankrupt due to health care and education costs? That’s basically how to have a caring country that watches out for one another. J’adore California and the stunning beauty of the Bay Area. We are nestled in magical views, gorgeous backdrops and nearby wine country, but what would it be like if we married the two countries? Do you think Canada is the new American Dream?
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